A Done-For-You Leadership Development Series Designed to Help You Generate Revenue Easily



You don't have to reinvent the wheel.  

Let us help you envision how you can build revenue with an already-designed product. 

Organizations need to develop leaders. We've packaged a revenue-generating engine for you. 

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We've trained more than 10,000 leaders across the U.S. 

Here is what a few of our customers have to say... 

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Living As A Leader offers a straightforward, functional and easy-to-implement program for developing leaders. I chose Living As A Leader after vetting no fewer than seven other leadership training companies. This one is the real deal. They do not strain the 'student' with high-minded philosophy but instead translate time-tested management principals into easy-to-understand concepts that are immediately applicable. The coaching sessions drive home the workshop content!

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All of our managers have gone through the Living As A Leader Series. They have gained confidence in their skills as leaders, and the domino impact of this development has been measurable both in productivity and morale across the organization. I was pleasantly surprised by the format and content of the training. Further, I was extremely pleased with the practical resources provided in the class. In addition to the training, the monthly coaching sessions provided a safe environment for our leaders to work through challenges and discover positive ways to implement their new skills.

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Living As A Leader has exceeded my expectations. The training sessions are very interactive, using numerous training techniques that my managers can relate and respond to. The bonus part of the program is the small group coaching sessions.  This is where my managers can work through and get advice on their real-life leadership issues.


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The Living As A Leader Series is built upon a formula of

Training + Coaching + Reinforcement

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Leaders participate in interactive workshops where they are introduced to the language, skill and approach of effective leadership. 

Leaders leave their workshop experience with application activities and skill practice assignments. These activities are completed in preparation for their small group coaching. 

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Equipped with the experience of completing their application activities and practicing a manageable number of skills, leaders participate in small-group coaching sessions for a deeper dive. 

They tap into the expertise of their coach, as well as peer leaders in their organization. 

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Help your customers protect their leadership development investment by incorporating a number of reinforcement tools and activities. 

Participating leaders have access to key models and processes in the palm of their hand. They also receive micro-learning reinforcements pushed to their app and email. 

The leaders of participating leaders are quipped with skills and tools to strengthen the accountability of participating leaders. 

Bring A Great Product to Your Customers and Prospects.  Here's what's Included in Our DONE-FOR-YOU Leadership Development Series?

12 Comprehensive Workshops

  • The Seven Most Common Mistakes Leaders Make
  • Be a Great Coach
  • Communicate By Design
  • Understand Your Leadership Style
  • Create a Culture of Employee Engagement
  • Maximize Performance 365 Days a Year
  • Support Yourself and Others Through Change
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Create Productive Meetings
  • Solve Problems, Make Sound Decisions
  • Focus Your Team
  • Lead By Design

Want more detail about each of the workshops?  Click Here

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  • Content reinforcement
  • Application and skill practice
  • Discussion of current leadership challenges
  • Your expert feedback
  • We provide you with the guides and best practices to lead these sessions. 

Assessment and Measurement Tools

  • 360-Degree Leadership Feedback Assessment
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • DISC Leadership-Style Profile
  • How-To Guides to administer these tools with confidence and expertise.
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Mobile App and eLearning courses

  • Mobile app for quick reference of leadership skills, models and processes
  • Access to eLearning courses to reinforce learning from live workshops or help them stay on track if they miss a workshop. 

Reinforcement Tools and Activities

  • Internal Leader of Leaders accountability group
  • Laminated Tip Cards
  • Micro-learning reinforcements
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What's included in the Train-The-Trainer Certification for consultants?

All The Tools You Need To Be a Successful Trainer Once Your Sale is Made!

Your Trainer’s Kit includes all of the materials, tools and resources you will need as you implement the Living As A Leader Series within your organization or for your client organizations

  • Detailed facilitator guides
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • One-page executive summaries
  • A variety of support materials
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Access to your Train-The-Trainer Certification Library

  • Section 1: Workshop Facilitation and Highlights
  • Section 2: Implementation of the Living As A Leader Series
  • Section 3: Administration of Living As a Leader Materials and Tools
  • Section 4: Coaching Component
  • Section 5:  Selling the Living As A Leader Leadership Development Series

Coaching Calls

Your certification comes with 12 hours of coaching support. You can decide when you'd like to use these hours, and they never expire.  

Use coaching time to support your facilitation preparation, implementation of the Series in client organizations or your selling strategy. 

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Tools and Templates to Sell the Series

  • Your first conversation with a prospect
  • Script and template examples to advance the conversation
  • Pricing and proposal templates
  • Closing the sale and getting your new customer off to a great start!
  • We'll also show you how you can launch a public series in your area!

Reasons to  incorporate the Living As A Leader  Leadership Development Series into your consulting business:

  • You are ready to hit the ground running with a revenue generating product. 

    Instructional design is hard work.  We've done it for you. 

    Organizations like knowing what they're buying, so the sale is not terribly difficult. 

    Once you're certified, you will purchase your materials from us at a wholesale price. The revenue you receive for training and coaching plus retail sales on materials is yours to keep. 

    For context, here is one example from our work: if we go into an organization, and we're working with a group of 50 leaders over two years, revenue might be in the general vicinity of $250,000.  If this were your project, you would keep approximately $190,000 of this.  

    There are caveats and nuances related to every project we do. Bottom line:  the only thing you're buying from us is materials.  You keep the rest of your revenue.    

  • The leaders in your client organizations will gain tools they can use immediately at work and in life.

    Our customers have measured the applicability of our content as 9.1 on a 10-point scale. 

    This is by design. We are pragmatic-minded. Our content is not academic or esoteric. It has real-world application.

    Leaders you work with will be able to walk away from a workshop or coaching session and put skills into practice immediately.  

  • The Living As A Leader® Leadership Development Series is designed as a process, not a program or an event.

    This is a crucial distinction. While the content is important, the suggested process is multi-faceted to ensure better results! 

    We've poured significant resources into creating a comprehensive solution: great content supported by a variety of success assurance reinforcements. We've been successful and want to share with others. 

    We apply a unique combination of training, coaching and success assurances in a steady-progress-over-time approach that equips leaders at any level, with depth and breadth of skill and knowledge. The Leadership Development Series can be implemented in a variety of ways, all with impactful results.  


  • We make it easy for you and your customers. It's "Leadership Development in a Box!" 

    We hand it all to you: facilitator guides, participants guides, application activities, coaching framework, and implementation process.  We even teach you how to sell it!  It's "Leadership Development in a Box!"  

    Our curriculum designers have delivered top-notch, world-class content.  And because we're process-oriented, we've captured it for you in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process. 

  • Ongoing Support from our friendly team of experts.

    As you become familiar with our material and hone your expertise, you will have access to content experts, as well as sales, process and implementation experts. 

    We're here to answer your questions and ensure your confidence with the material and the processes.  

  • Over 20 years of proven results from a fine-tuned process.  

    We've been delivering and improving the Living As A Leader Leadership Development Series for more than 20 years and have affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of employees by strengthing the effectivenss of their leaders. The Leadership Development Series is applicable to the ever-changing workforce as an organization evolves over time. 

    You'll have the confidence and framework for a successful experience.  

I'm Interested.  What's Next? 


Step 1: Purchase your train-the-trainer certification HERE. The fee is $5000 and includes your trainer's kit, access to the online certification library and 12 hours of coaching support. (Note: when you reach the payment page at checkout, you'll have the option to pay with a credit card or receive an invoice).  

Download and sign the Master Services Agreement (MSA) which you can preview HERE.  

Step 2: After we have received your payment and signed MSA, we will ship your Trainer's Kit to you.   

Step 3: Next you will schedule your onboarding call.  During this call, we will discuss your certification plan with you. 

Step 4: You will sign up for access to the online virtual certification library and get started.  

Step 5: Let's celebrate your success!  


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