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  • Employee retention and productivity
  • Your likeability as a leader
  • The wellbeing of your workplace

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  • To CONFIDENTLY and RESPECTFULLY address concerns 
  • The KEY feedback ingredient most leaders miss
  • What to do if the employee blames othersdenies a concern or gets emotional

We hear over and over again that young people today want feedback. 

Make no mistake…everyone wants feedback. 

You know that feedback is important and it’s something a manager “should” do. 

Yet, with the demands of your own never-ending to-do list...

  • It’s difficult to find the time to acknowledge your employees for the good work they’re doing.
  • It’s uncomfortable to address a concern you have with an employee's behavior or performance.
  • What if they get emotional, defensive or shift the blame?

The most common complaint we get as we coach hundreds of leaders every year is:

“I don’t know what to say!” 

That’s why our coaches have developed a proven framework over the last two decades that you can follow to deliver impactful and constructive feedback...


About Living As A Leader

For over 20 years, Living As A Leader has trained and coached thousands of leaders, from first-time managers up to C-suite executives, into becoming intentional, respected and respectful leaders.

"Becoming a leader for the first time can be a daunting experience, but Living As A Leader has provided me with a variety of tools and techniques to successfully navigate the waters.

I owe much of my success over the years to their guidance and coaching."

- Daniel W.

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